Live to Love International: Helping the Himalayas

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Susan Sarandon and Carrie LeeAmerican actress Susan Sarandon and Live to Love International President Carrie Lee discuss the group’s progress in earthquake-stricken Nepal.

Acclaimed American actress Susan Sarandon is also a Messenger of Light Ambassador for the non-profit humanitarian group, Live to Love International.

The organization serves the people and region of the Himalayas. After the 2015 earthquakes that hit Nepal, Sarandon worked with the group to provide relief aid to isolated regions in the country. For five days she stayed with the famed Kung-fun nuns in a Buddhist monastery and later in an orphanage damaged by the quake.

“Any time you are trying to do help, you have to have a really good relationship with the people that live there,” said Sarandon.

Live to Love International: Helping the Himalayas

Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon joins Live to Love International President Carrie Lee to discuss the group's progress in earthquake stricken Nepal.

As Live to Love International’s President Carrie Lee, explained, a year after the tragedy, families still struggle to meet basic needs. The quake destroyed homes, buildings and entire villages across central Nepal. While there are many non-governmental organizations (NGO) who are working to make a difference in Nepal, Lee says local ones, like Live to Love International are the most effective.

“I believe in investing in NGOs that are flexible on the ground and that are already part of the indigenous fabric,” explained Lee.

Carrie Lee joined Mike Walter and Susan Sarandon in our New York studio to discuss the rebuilding effort in Nepal.

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