Cuteness Alert: 28 Siberian tiger cubs born in NE China park

World Today

Siberian tiger cubs with mom

A total of 28 Siberian tiger cubs have been born at a tiger park in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province since April.

The youngest two cubs were born last Thursday, according to the keepers at the Heilongjiang Siberian Tiger Park on Monday.

According to the keepers, the five-year-old mother doesn’t have much experience in raising cubs.  The keepers have taken the two cubs into their care to ensure they get what they need at this critical stage in their new lives.

“We feed them milk every four hours and take turns to look after them round the clock. We also need to take their temperatures every six hours,” said Liu Meng, a keeper.

In addition to the 28 cubs, keepers also look after the mother tigers during their breastfeeding.

“We’ve added beef, eggs and all the other necessary supplements to the food to meet the mother tiger’s nutritional demands during breastfeeding,” said Xu Haitao, the vet of the park.