DC introduces first-ever Chinese Superman

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DC introudces first-ever Chinese SupermanDC’s Chinese superman

In July, DC Comics will introduce their first-ever Chinese Superman. 

CCTV’s Patrice Howard reports.
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DC introudces first-ever Chinese Superman

In July, DC Comics will introduce their first-ever Chinese Superman.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Kenan Kong, the first-ever Chinese superhero to fly off the pages of an American comic book.

Born in Shanghai, Kong is a 17-year-old bully whose life is turned upside down when he is infused with the original Superman’s powers.

“Superman is an icon, he stands for something, truth and justice all these deep values. These are universal so one thing we are allowed to do is by bringing this idea of Superman into Chinese culture is to see how these values play out in a culture other than American culture,” Gene Luen Yang, writer of The New Superman said.

Look back through history to find many of the most sinister comic villains were drawn with particularly Asian characteristics sometimes with derogatory names, like Egg Fu.

Yang says those depictions simply reflected the times. He said fresh Asian characters were overdue, but believes the integration of Kenan Kong into the long-beloved Superman franchise will teach readers an important lesson about human values that transcend culture.

Kong will not be alone in his fight for justice. He’ll reportedly be joined by a Justice League of China-a group including New Batman and New Wonder Woman.

For some young comic fans with ties to China, it’s a welcome new chapter.

Kenan Kong’s story is just one of many to come in DC comic’s expanding universe-blowing up old racial stereotypes about who can fly up, up and away.