Nathalie Cabrol: Alien hunter

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Nathalie CabrolPlanetary scientist Nathalie Cabrol talks about searching for life on Mars.

Nathalie Cabrol is a planetary scientist at the SETI Institute and the director of the Carl Sagan Center. It’s here where she searches for signs of microbial life on Mars.

“Did Mars have the time to develop life? We don’t know,” explained Cabrol.

Nathalie Cabrol: Alien hunter

Planetary scientist Nathalie Cabrol talks about searching for life on Mars.

She believes, one day, humans will live on Mars. Her research, in the High Andes, led to the discovery of a world-record UV index of 43, which is more similar to the surface radiation on the red planet than on Earth.

The recipient of numerous NASA and other research awards, she’s also earned the nickname “Mrs. Gusev” for choosing to land the Mars Spirit rover at the Gusev Crater in hopes of finding water. Recently, NASA confirmed her belief and announced the discovery.

“Science is not about being right or wrong, it’s about learning,” said Cabrol.

Nathalie Cabrol joined May Lee in our Los Angeles studio to share more about her life’s work.

Jaymee del Rosario: One-way trip to Mars

Jaymee del Rosario

California-based businesswoman Jaymee del Rosario wants to win one-way ticket to Mars.

Some believe it won’t be long before humans start making the trip to the red planet. In 2027, four people will allegedly head to Mars, and never come back. Filipino American, Jaymee del Rosario believes she has what it takes to live the rest of her days on the red planet.

“I want to be the first person to be there and land there and if it’s not me someone else will and I want to be able to help and assist,” said del Rosario.

Del Rosario says, while she’s realistic about her chances of making the final cut for the Mars One Project, she’s ready to accept a one-way trip.

“I am not coming back because there is no launch pad, there’s no Cape Canaveral on Mars yet,” explained Rosario, jokingly.

Full Frame Contributor Sandra Hughes tells us why the California-based businesswoman is excited about being shortlisted for the one-way ticket to the red planet.

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