Andy Weir: Mars Story

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Andy WeirNew York Times Bestselling author Andy Weir talks about his novel The Martian.

Andy Weir is a self-described “space nerd” who didn’t realize his writing and sense of humor had mainstream appeal until it landed him a book deal in 2013.

Almost instantly, it transformed him from computer programmer to best-selling author.

“I was writing it for my blog readers who were hard-core science dorks like myself,” explained Weir. “I wanted to make it something they could enjoy and something I would enjoy.”

Andy Weir: Mars Story

Author Andy Weir talks about his best-selling novel, The Martian.

Since then, his novel about a risky manned mission to Mars has gained the attention of scientists at NASA, reignited the public’s fascination with space travel, and been on the New York Times Best Sellers list for more than 60 weeks.

“I was thrilled to see NASA’s response,” said Andy. “I thought they wouldn’t respond at all, but they’ve been enthusiastic fans of the movie.”

Praised for its scientific accuracy, The Martian was also adapted into a film, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon. The movie won two Golden Globes and seven Oscar nominations, and continues to fascinate audiences.

From Mountain View, California, author Andy Weir joined May Lee in our Los Angeles studio.