Did Bud the parrot witness murder?

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A foul mouthed parrot named Bud may have been a witness to his owner’s murder.

The bird, they say, was a witness to a botched murder-attempted suicide where suspect Glenna Duram shot her husband Martin five times before turning the gun on herself.

CCTV America’s Frances Kuo reports on this story.

Did Bud the parrot witness murder?

Family members of murder victim Martin Duram await word from officials on whether his foul-mouthed pet parrot can be used as a witness to the crime.

The police say she left three suicide notes, but claims to remember nothing after waking up in the hospital.

Several weeks after Martin Duram was killed, his family recorded a video of his parrot, Bud, re-enacting a fight between Glenna and Martin. In the video, the parrot even seems to be pleading for its life.

“Don’t f#$%ng shoot!” the parrot is seen screaming in the video. “Please, don’t f#$%ng shoot!”

Lilian Duram, the victim’s mother, believes the parrot’s account.

“That bird picks up everything and anything,” Lillian said. “And it’s got the filthiest mouth around.”

Doreen Plotkowski, local owner of Casa La Parrot, was shown Bud’s video. She believes it could be an accurate account. 

“’Don’t f-ing shoot?’ Sure, in my mind, it’s definitely something he’s heard before,” Plotkowski said. “Could he have heard it the day the shot was fired? Sure, absolutely.”

Police reports since the video was made show detectives were asked if the bird could be a witness, but there is no indication of an official response.

The local prosecutor says he has not seen the video, but knows it exists.