NASA’s growing impact on the private sector

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When you think of NASA, space exploration by astronauts likely comes to mind. But, NASA’s technology can improve your health and even help find your next relationship.

CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo reports.

Beliefs, Desires and Intentions, or BDI software, was originally used to diagnose problems aboard the Shuttle Discovery. It’s also the basis of the same software that helps determine compatibility of potential mates on dating websites.

Water filters, emergency rescue tools, cochlear hearing aids and the mouse we use with our computers – all among the many inventions inspired by NASA’s research.

But there are plenty of other challenging frontiers still being faced on earth. That’s why last year NASA opened up a catalog of 1200 of its patented technologies to commercial startups.

Success stories from NASA’s Technology Transfer Program include a GPS sensor to warn of monsoon flash floods and a process that recycles plastic into energy.

Jane Chen talks about NASA influenced startups

For a deeper look at the growing businesses and startups that are influenced by NASA, CCTV America’s Shraysi Tandon spoke to Jane Chen, CEO & co-founder of the Embrace Innovation.