Actors train to become Walking Dead zombies for new attraction at Universal Studios

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Walking Dead zombies become Universal Studios' new attraction

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has been giving viewers worldwide nightmares about being eaten by a zombie. Now, those same zombies will be a permanent attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood starting this July.

CCTV America’s May Lee got a firsthand look at Walker Boot Camp.

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Becoming a zombie is serious business. 100 walker wannabes were chosen out of nearly 2,000 who auditioned. And now, they’re in Walker Boot Camp with “The Walking Dead”s executive producer and director Greg Nicotero. According to Nicotero, actors have to go through training.

Along with decaying walkers, thanks to gruesome prosthetics, the immersive attraction will use animatronics, detailed sets and recognizable props from the TV series.


The decision to make The Walking Dead attraction was easy given the show’s global appeal. In China, it is the most watched U.S. series.

Check out the videos below: Behind the scenes at the Walking Dead bootcamp