Andres Amador: Awe-inspiring art

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Andres AmadorEarthscape artist Andres Amador displays his temporary, large-scale artwork.

For the past decade, San Francisco-based artist Andres Amador has reinvented how artwork is showcased.

Amador, whose artwork has found a following in San Francisco and on social media throughout the world, creates very temporary geometric art pieces on the beach using it as a canvas and a rake as a brush.

“I get asked, ‘Why do I do something that’s going to wash away so soon?’” he said. “Life is not going to last. Nothing we will do will last. So the question becomes, why do anything? What’s the enduring value of anything that we do?”

Andres Amador: Awe-inspiring art

Earthscape artist Andres Amador shows us how he creates his amazing, large-scale sand paintings.

Although his artwork washes away with the tide, often within minutes, it’s memorialized through photographs and video. Additionally, his enjoyment makes the art worthwhile, despite its impermanence, Amador said.

“All that really matters is that we are living our life in joy,” explained Amador. “If we can fill our lives as much as possible with the things that give us energy, that we’re excited to engage, where we feel that we’re invigorated, and where our soul shines even brighter, then we ought to be doing that. Why wouldn’t you do that, even if it’s going to wash away?”

On this week’s Full Frame Close Up, Andres Amador showed us how he creates this awe-inspiring art.

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