Hyperloop Technologies: Changing the way we travel

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HyperloopStudents from UCLA’s IDEAS campus envision what the Hyperloop travel experience will be like.

One of the world’s most famous innovators is working on reinventing the way we travel long distances.

In 2013, entrepreneur Elon Musk, proposed a conceptual high-speed transportation system called the ‘Hyperloop’.

And while construction of the “Hyperloop” itself is still in the startup phase, both current and former students at UCLA’s IDEAS campus have already envisioned what the Hyperloop travel experience would be like.

“We were just looking at the data of Elon’s white paper and expanding it, taking it to the next level,” explained former UCLA graduate student Matt Whitham. “How big would a Hyperloop station have to be? What would the interior of the capsule look like? How to design it? Would you be able to stand up inside of the capsule while going 760 miles an hour?”

Hyperloop Technologies: Changing the way we travel

See how technology is reinventing the way we travel.

The idea is that passengers would ride inside capsules, at tremendously high speeds, in pneumatic tubes. A cross-continent trip that today takes days could be completed in mere hours.

“It changes the perception of space it changes the perspective of time, it’s going to be revolutionary,” says UCLA Professor Marta Nowak.

And, as Full Frame Contributor Sandra Hughes found out, reinventing the way we all travel is no small challenge.