Matt Dalio: Changing the world one computer at a time

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Matt DalioEndless Computers CEO Matt Dalio talks about giving the world access to computers.

In 2012, Matt Dalio founded Endless Computers, a San Francisco-based startup.

He had one simple goal: provide access to affordable, personal computers to people in the developing world. Almost immediately, Endless had an impact.

Even though 75 percent of the world currently has no access to computers, Dalio is convinced that soon, people in emerging markets, like Guatemala and Mexico, and much of Latin America, will be able to get this technology. That access will radically change people’s lives like never before.

“The whole Silicon Valley is moving toward two things, mobile and cloud, and they’ve forgotten that most of the world doesn’t have desktop and doesn’t have cloud,” explained Dalio. “And so computing has actually gotten worse in emerging markets.”

Matt Dalio: Changing the world one computer at a time

Endless Computers CEO talks about his dream of bringing computers to the masses.

Endless Computers wants to reinvent the way people access technology through providing 100 free apps, and other tools, that don’t require an Internet connection.

“I wake up every single morning and think about the importance of what we are doing,” Dalio said. “It sounds crazy, but I believe that the destiny of three billion people sits on our shoulders.”

From San Francisco, Matt Dalio joined Mike Walter in our New York studio to share more about his hope of bringing computers to the masses and how he’s making that a reality.