Syrian refugee returns home from Europe

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

Though thousands of refugees from Syria make their way to Europe every year, some have decided to return home. Spero Hadad is one of them.

CCTV’s Xu Dezhi has his story.

Photographer Spero Hadad used to live in Jobar, an eastern suburb of Damascus.

Jobar became one of the early epicenters of the Syrian civil war. Spero decided to take a chance and flee Syria.

Spero sold his camera and left Syria. In July 2015, he went to Beirut and took a flight to Turkey. After giving a smuggler $1,500, he got on a boat for Greece.

The journey was difficult, but Spero finally made his way to Austria. After staying a while, he regretted his decision but not because of his reception in Europe.

In December 2015, Spero went back to Damascus. His mother wept when she saw her son.