Gunman shot and killed in hostage situation at Amarillo, TX Walmart

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Shooting at Amarillo Walmart

News station KFDA in Amarillo, Texas is reporting an armed man suspected of firing shots at an Amarillo Walmart has been shot and is apparently dead.

Police have yet to confirm the identity of the man. There is no confirmation of other injuries.

Police report NO confirmed gunshot victims at the Walmart, APD are inside with NO shooting ongoing at this moment. The police are also searching for a Somalian man wearing Kakhi pants.

The Randall County Sheriff’s Office says it is considering the incident as a workplace dispute.

Amarillo police and Emergency Management for Randall County are on scene. I-27 & Georgia north-and-south-bound exits around the scene have been closed. Police ask motorists to please avoid the entire area.

This story was compiled with information from KFDA in Amarillo, TX.