Growing market for meat takes a bite out of seafood diet in Japan

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Growing market for meat takes a bite out of seafood diet in Japan

Many associate Japan with a seafood diet and imagine sushi restaurants and fresh seafood on tables of typical Japanese homes. However, consumption of seafood peaked in the late 80s during the bubble economy and has since been declining.

Experts attribute the decline to the younger generations’ preference of a meat diet over fish.

CCTV’s Terrence Terashima has the story. 

A Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries survey showed that people opt to buy meat because it cheaper than seafood.

More over, many feel that fish are difficult to cook and create bad smells in the typical small apartment buildings in Japan.

Experts said people today tend to leave their homes early and live in smaller family groups. Previously, parents or grandparents were able to teach younger generations to cook.

“Japan is surrounded by sea and we have long had the seafood culture in our diet,” Sayura Kondo, Relie Kitchen cooking instructor, said. “I think it is important to inherit and pass on that culture. I teach people of all levels to prepare a fish and cook. I hope people can enjoy more seafood”

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, recommends people to eat more fish. The increasing number of people becoming diabetic and the increasing number of deaths from high cholesterol diets are serious problems in Japan. Both for cultural and health reasons, experts recommend Japanese people to return to traditional seafood diet.