PM nominations open as party looks for replacement for Cameron


In Britain, the nominations are open to replace Prime Minister David Cameron.

Until there is a general election in the U.K. that changes the balance of power in parliament, the new leader of the ruling Conservative party will immediately become prime minister.

CCTV’s Richard Bestic reported.

Home Secretary, Therese May, plays lead in the ‘Stop Boris’ campaign.

High profile work with her French counterpart burnished her credentials as tough on migration and tough on the causes of migration.

Keeping a low profile during the referendum campaign also helped.

The election was effectively triggered when U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron resigned on the morning of the referendum result – he campaigned passionately to remain in the EU.

The first officially out of the traps was work and pensions secretary Stephen Crabb. Billed as the blue-collar candidate with no plans for a second referendum.

“We had a clear result from the referendum,there can be no attempt to dilute it, to sidestep it and there will be no second referendum,” Crabb said.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is a possible contender, although he may have ruled himself out by talking of a general election to give the new leader a fresh mandate.

Among members of the ruling Conservative Party in Parliament, the only ones with a say in this election, there are too many from marginal constituencies to want that.