Turkey declares day of mourning following attack on Istanbul airport

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Turkey Airport BlastsPeople wait outside the Ataturk airport in Istanbul, on June 28, 2016, after two explosions followed by gunfire hit the Turkey’s biggest airport. AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

Turkey has declared a day of mourning as the nation was once again been hit by a terrorist attack – this time at the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.

Multiple explosions left at least 41 people dead and over 240 wounded.

CCTV’s Michal Bardavid reported this story from Istanbul.
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Turkey declares day of mourning following attack on Istanbul airport

Turkey has been hit with a string of attacks since last Summer, with innocent citizens and tourists getting hurt or killed. CCTV’s Michal Bardavid reported this story from Istanbul.

Turkey’s iconic Istanbul Ataturk Airport was hit with three explosions by three attackers on Tuesday evening.

One suicide bomber strategically created chaos with gunfire paving the way for the two others to pass security x-rays and blow themselves up. The tactics used resembled that of Islamic State – much similar to the Brussels attack in March. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim was quick to blame the terrorist organization as he condemned the attack and brought attention to the timing of incident.

“It’s very meaningful that it happens now,” the prime minister said. “Just when we are succeeding in our struggle against terrorism and as we launch a normalization process with our neighbors.”

The target of this attack was also very significant, as the Istanbul Ataturk Airport was ranked 11th busiest airport worldwide and over 60 million people traveled through the airport in 2015. It is a vital point of travel for many passengers worldwide.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. More details of the three terrorists who were all killed are expected to be announced soon as the investigation continues. Meanwhile, the airport has reopened hours after the attack.

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