Questions over whether Rio is ready for Olympics with month remaining


One month from now, the 2016 Olympic Games will open in Rio de Janeiro.

Amid the excitement and anticipation, there is also widespread concern about whether the city and country are ready.

CCTV America’s Lucrecia Franco has Insight from Rio.

In the heart of Copacabana, Olympic fever has struck with the opening of the first official Olympic megastore.

Some are worried that so-called “Olympic fever” may turn literal because of Zika virus concerns. Several athletes have pulled out of competition, including the world’s top-ranked golfer, Jason Day.

“It’s obviously a pretty big statement for me and my team to obviously pull from the Olympics with the understanding of what’s going on down there with regards to the Zika virus. It was a very difficult decision to make,” he said.

Medical experts say Zika infections are less of a risk during the Olympics, because it’s winter in Brazil.

Others are concerned about the health of Olympic sailors. Several waterways, where competition will take place, are clouded by pollution. And last month in Rio, scientists discovered a “super bacteria.”

And just last week in front of the Olympic Beach Volleyball arena, human body parts washed ashore.

There are also political concerns. Amid the turmoil surrounding suspended President Dilma Rousseff, interim President Michel Temer said the country is ready.

He’s pledged to help states like Rio de Janeiro, which just weeks ago declared a state of financial emergency.”

Rio’s state government says critical projects will be completed on time. That includes expanded subway lines. Still, there’s little room for error- as one of the main lines is set to open just four days before the opening ceremony.