South Korea’s new-found appetite for lamb

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South Korea's new-found appetite for lamb

In South Korea, where growing numbers of Chinese people live,  a new-found appetite for a meat dish has been created.

It’s been fueled by local media encouraging South Koreans to enjoy the dish together with Chinese beer.

CCTV’s U-Jean Jung reports from Seoul.

South Korea’s new-found appetite for lamb

Lamb skewers have long been a popular street food in China. And now in South Korea, they are also gaining popularity. CCTV’s U-Jean Jung reported.

Lamb skewers have long been a favorite street food in China, but in South Korea, it is typically served in air-conditioned restaurants, alongside a bottle of wine.

In addition, Chinese beer has been able to piggyback the popularity of lamb skewers, thanks to comedian Jung Sung-ho.

In a comedy show Jung plays the role of a news correspondent called Yanggochi-en-Tsingtao, which translates to mean ‘lamb skewers and Tsingtao are a perfect match.’

Jung has since become the face of the beer brand in South Korea. He also takes credit for popularizing the combo.