Teens teach smartphone technology, social media to senior citizens

World Today

A Florida teen has created a technology school for seniors, connecting older and younger generations through the click of a few buttons on a keyboard.

CCTV America’s Nitza Soledad Perez reports.

Max Rosenblum, a 16-year-old high school student, started teaching seniors in South Florida how to use technology, their smartphones and all those apps that for teenagers like him is second nature.

Inspired by the experience, Max and his parents launched a website, techmaxed.com. He also recruited other teens to become volunteers.

This group of young tech experts gives up a weekend day every month to come to retirement homes like this and their work is on demand. The one-on-one signup sheet for tech tutorials fills up pretty fast.

Once Max goes to college, he hopes his sister will take over. In the meantime, these seniors are discovering it’s never too late to learn as technology connects them with new possibilities and with loved ones far away.

Sarah Wishnia did Facebook live for the first time with Nitza. She is enrolled at Facebook school for the elderly. Her teacher and creator of this organization, Max Rosenblum joins them! Check it out here: