Cleveland ramps up security ahead of Convention

World Today

Security heightened on Sunday in the US city of Clevelend, where the Republican National Convention was due to kick off on Monday.

Cleveland’s police chief said Sunday security barricades have been placed at key streets and intersections in the city centre to thwart the type of attack that occurred in France on Thursday, when a man drove a large truck into crowds, killing at least 84 people.

There have long been concerns about violent protests and clashes between those who support presumptive nominee Donald Trump and those who oppose the candidate and his inflammatory rhetoric.

But recent events, including the truck attack in the French city of Nice and the fatal shooting of police officers in the US city of Baton Rouge on Sunday heightened concerns about what could happen in Cleveland during the four-day convention.

Thousands of extra law enforcement and security personnel from across the country have embarked upon Cleveland to help fortify the city.

Cleveland’s police department maintains the city is well prepared for any eventuality.

Story from the Associated Press.