Hisham Breedlove: Hitting the high notes

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Hirsham BreedloveCountertenor Hirsham Breedlove wants to spread his love of opera around the world.

Music is often used as a way to create a culture’s stories. It frequently becomes a part of people’s everyday way of life.

In Washington, D.C., commuters, normally bombarded with loud trains, are finding their daily ride to work soothed by a more pleasant sound—a mesmerizing countertenor.

Hisham Breedlove often performs at the entrance of Washington, D.C.’s Metro train stations where he accepts donations of appreciation.

“When I’m singing out in the Metro, I can’t even describe the gift that you get from having someone come up to you and tell you, ‘I don’t have a dollar today but I just wanted to tell you that you made my day, you really touched my soul and I’m so grateful for that’,” explained Breedlove.

Hisham Breedlove: Hitting the high notes

Singer Hirsham Breedlove shares his love for opera in an unexpected place.

The singer grew up in Zimbabwe, where opera music is a highly revered art form.

“It made me become a far more humble person and respect human beings and respect the trials and tribulations that they all experience because we all experience them,” said Breedlove.

Now, he hopes to foster that same appreciation for the art in the United States.

In this week’s Full Frame Close Up, we introduce you to Hisham Breedlove who is offering people a musical experience where they may least expect it.

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