Ecuadorian sprinters engage in friendly rivalry as Olympics near


Ecuadorian sprinters engage in Friendly rivalry as Olympics near

Two Ecuadorian athletes will compete against each other at the Olympics games.

Angela Tenorio and Marizol Landazuri are both friends, and rivals.

CCTV America’s Stephen Gibbs reports.

Angela Tenorio is currently the fastest woman at 100 meters in Latin America. Marizol Landazuri is almost as quick.

They have different styles but one thing in common, rebellious streak. And Angela spent part of her childhood at an institution for troubled girls.

Nelson Gutierrez coaches both women. He’s the first to admit that friendship can be difficult to maintain when medals are at stake.

They train in Quito, at an altitude of over 2800 meters that’s an advantage.

If you can run at that pace, you can run even faster at sea level-where Rio is. Never before has Ecuador sent two sprinters to the Olympic games.

Many there hope at least one will return with a medal.