Meet Democratic delegate from Virginia Sue Langley


Meet Democratic delegate from Virginia Sue LangleyDemocratic delegate from Virginia Sue Langley

What is the process for becoming a Democratic presidential delegate? How do they get to the party’s national convention in Philadelphia?

CCTV’s Jessica Stone introduces you to a Virginia delegate and why it is important to her.

Sue Langley is passionate about politics. After sitting on the sidelines during the contested 2000 U.S. presidential election, she decided to get involved with the Democratic Party. Now, she leads the Fairfax County, Virginia Democrats.

“I grew up poor, and I think one thing I value is to help people. I got… you know, some other people helped me along the way …and I thought that it’s something we have to do,” Langley said.

In 2008, as a delegate to the national party convention, Sue helped Hillary Clinton campaign for president. Four years later, she was a national delegate helping elect President Barack Obama – for a second term.

Sue knows that food and phone calls are key ingredients in a campaign. We caught up with her as she tried to convince fellow Democrats to make her an at-large delegate at the Democratic Party’s 2016 national convention. She’s supporting Clinton again.

Originally from Thailand, Sue believes in reforming the American immigration system.

“I believe that we do need to secure our border. It’s a federal issue, and that’s an issue that is aware of. But you know building a wall and that sort of thing. That is really not something that I believe in.”

Sue says her biggest selling point is her influence with voters here in Fairfax, Virginia. It’s the most populous part of the state, a key swing state for the presidential candidates in November.
She hopes to use that influence to unify Democrats behind Hillary Clinton.

“My opinion is not beating Sanders’ supporters. My opinion is to beat Donald Trump!”

That spirit led Sue to victory at the party’s state convention in mid-June. She says getting to cast her delegate vote for Hillary at the party’s national convention will be a privilege.