Bernie Sanders supporters protest at DNC


Bernie Sanders supporters protest at DNC1

Although Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the front-runner coming into the Democratic National Convention, many were still fighting for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

CCTV America’s Frances Kuo reported from the Philadelphia’s streets with Pro-Sanders protests.

Calm and unity may be what Sanders is pushing for, but many Sanders supporters are loudly and clearly pushing back.

“We’re here for Bernie, and we’re going to do everything to nominate him,” Zachary Pate, Sanders supporter, said.

At this point, Sanders becoming the Democratic nominee is not possible.

But many Sanders backers just aren’t willing to shift their loyalties from the his progressive platform of raising the minimum wage and health care as a right for all, and don’t see Clinton as a viable nominee.

“She’s lied entirely too much for anybody to believe anything coming out of her mouth, especially for Bernie supporters,” Pate said.

FB Live: Bernie supporters walk out of the convention

CCTV America’s Lisa Chiu followed a number of Bernie supporters as they exited the convention en masse in protest of Clinton’s nomination.

Some point to the email scandal during Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

But her experience as the U.S. diplomat to the world is part of her argument for holding the highest office.

Detractors said Clinton is less in touch with everyday Americans and is part of the so-called “establishment” Sanders has blasted throughout his campaign.

“She really needs to realize how tough it is for most people and how she makes an authentic attempt at realizing how tough it is for most people — that will be what she needs to try to get over,” Irene McKirdy, Sanders supporter, said.

A big test for Clinton will be on Thursday, when she’s scheduled to give her nomination speech at the DNC. However, what she says is unlikely to win over die-hard members of Sanders’ camp.

“At this point, I’ll do whatever I can to further the progressive agenda and whether that means staying with the party, leaving the party, supporting it, opposing it, I’ll do that,” David Nelson, Democratic voter, said. “I’m a little discouraged at this point.”

This group is marching to their own tune, standing their ground and protesting at a park not far from the DNC.

For Sue Lee, protester, this year’s presidential election is more of an indication of flaws in the electoral process favoring certain candidates.

“It just shows how rigged the whole system is,” Lee said. “We need to see a revamp of the entire political process.”

Lee is part of a movement of disappointed and disillusioned voters, who will likely shape this election cycle and perhaps beyond.

Joel Rubin on the DNC

For more on the DNC, CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke to Joel Rubin, former deputy assistant secretary of state, about the highlights of the convention.