New York’s LaGuardia Airport ranked last in on-time arrivals

World Today

New York City welcomes over 56 million visitors every year, many of them during the summer months. However, a recent study suggests the city’s airports are some of the worst in the country for delays.

CCTV America’s William Denselow reports.

The city’s three airports receive over 110 million passengers a year and delays are a major concern for tourists and residents alike.

According to a report by the Global Gateway Alliance, LaGuardia ranked last in the country in 2015 when it comes to on-time arrivals, but the two other airports in the area aren’t excelling either.

New York’s John F. Kennedy airport receives over 50 million passengers every year, and according to the that same study, in 2015 just 76 percent of planes arrived on time.

Extreme weather is a factor for delay but having three airports so close together makes it tough to cope with demand.

“If we didn’t have those airports in close proximity, we’d just run the airports in all different ways and it would be less complex of an airspace environment so there is a physical reason for it but there’s also the demand and attractiveness of New York,” Richard Barone, vice president for transportation of Regional Plan Association said.