Yoshiro NakaMats: The greatest inventor in the world

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Yoshiro NakaMatsJapanese inventor Dr. NakaMats talks about what inspires his unique creations.

Yoshiro Nakamatsu is one of the world’s most famous inventors. He likes to be called by his nickname, Sir Dr. NakaMats.

His admirers call him Japan’s Edison! But he’s even got Thomas Edison beat, running circles around him with at least 3000 patents. Edison, who invented the light bulb and the phonograph, lags far behind. He accumulated 2,332 patents, worldwide, for his inventions.

The 87-year-old human dynamo has also written dozens of books, and he’s repeatedly run for political office in Japan. Perhaps his best-known invention is the floppy disk.

Yoshiro NakaMats: The greatest inventor in the world

World famous inventor Yoshiro NakaMatsu, aka Dr. NakaMats talks about his unique inventions.

“By my invention, computers revolutionized and the IT industry started,” explained NakaMats. “Really, inventions change the world.”

While many of his creations are serious, he’s also come up with some amusing gadgets, like a musical golf putter. NakaMats reveals exactly how he uncovers his uncommon ideas.

“I shall dive under the water. There is no oxygen. Then, my brain needs oxygen, then my brain must work, very hard. That is where I create excellent inventions, is underwater.”

From Tokyo, Dr. NakaMats joined Mike Walter in our Washington, DC studio to discuss his very unique inventions.