Olympic ring tattoos gain popularity

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Olympic ring tattoos gain popularity 2

The symbol of the Olympic rings is one of the most distinctive images of the games. This year, they are more visible than ever. Several athletes, and fans, have been sporting them as tattoos.

CCTV’s Stephen Gibbs reports.

The International Olympic Committee recently clarified that its ban on athletes displaying any tattoos, which could be seen as advertising, does not include its own brand.

Tattooed rings have become both a memento – and a lucky charm – for many competitors.

That, in turn, has started a new vogue here in Brazil, which is already one of the world’s most tattooed nations.

360 View of Olympic tattoo parlor

When Ygor Zuma heard a parlor in Rio was offering Olympic tattoos, he headed straight over. A fanatical sports fan, the idea of wearing an Olympic symbol for life made perfect sense to him. Even though joining the club can be painful.

“It is great to have the Olympics here in Brazil, and having a tattoo to pay tribute to this is what I really wanted,” said Zuma. “I hope it will help bring many gold medals.”

Tattoo Artist Anderson Tyosaii said clients often ask him to give them the image of the moment. Right now, that’s the Games.

People have been asking about themes linked to the games, images of sports and the Olympic Rings, which are a symbol of unity.

Already, many are saying that this Olympics has left a lasting impression on Brazil. For some, that is literally true.