Europe expects G20 Summit to tackle terror issues

G20 Summit

Europe expects G20 Summit to tackle anti-terrorism

In recent months, Europe was hit with a wave of terrorist attacks. All attacks are blamed on either ISIL or people inspired by ISIL.

CCTV’s Kevin Ozebek takes a look at what the continent hopes the G20 leaders will do to diminish what seems to be a constant threat.

Security experts believe that EU lawmakers should be able to pass crucial laws such as a tracking program to spot those coming and going from Syria. They also say that more needs to be done on both European and global levels.

However, to some, that might not be easy to achieve. “There are issues of national interests, national sovereignty that make it difficult sometimes to exchange sensitive information at the G20 level,” said Bruno Lete of German Marshal Fund.

Security analysts said these issues must be overcome to prevent attacks.

In fact, many now feel like it’s a new era for Europe. Military units remain on patrol throughout the large cities- London just recently added 600 armed officers. However, with ISIL continuing its call for followers to attack, this might be the new normal.

Security experts tell us despite the strides the EU has made at boosting security and regardless of what leaders decide to do at the G20, it’s impossible to completely eliminate the threat from ISIL. They say zero risk of terrorism is simply an illusion.

Kamran Bokhari on anti-terrorism effort

To further talk about the cost of terrorism, how nations coordinate in cutting off terrorism financing, CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Kamran Bokhari, senior fellow with the Center for Global Policy and fellow with the Program on Extremism at George Washington University.