China prioritizes economic inclusiveness during G20 summit

G20 Summit

China prioritizes economic inclusiveness during G20 summit

Over the years, China has gone from a country that benefited from greater economic development to one that promotes it for others.

CCTV’s Yang Zhao reports.

More and more developing countries are hoping to learn the model and method of China’s development. China has sent 60,000 personnel to more than 160 countries over the past 60 years, and it has helped over 120 developing countries reach their Millennium Development Goals.

Eliminating poverty and trade liberalization are two important issues to be discussed at the G20 summit. And so is inclusive finance, a concept aiming at increasing access to financial services among developing countries.

The summit also will launch an initiative to support industrial cooperation among African countries. These ideas aim to build a sense of community and common destiny across the globe. And in turn, more people may enjoy the benefits of a global economy.