G20’s business meeting discusses ways to boost global economy

G20 Summit

G20’s business meeting discusses ways to boost global economy

Major businesses from the G20 economies will gather in Hangzhou ahead of the G20 Summit.

They are set to hear from their fellow businessmen and politicians about effective ways to boost global growth. Ming Tian has the details.

CCTV’s Ming Tian reports.

The global economy’s slowdown has affected almost every country. Seeking ways to revive growth, China’s major agency for promoting foreign investment and trade put together a meeting of businesses leaders from the Group of 20 major economies. The organizer of the so-called B20 meeting said policymakers have to clear roadblocks for global trade.

Last August, the China council for promotion of international trade finished a report for the leaders’ summit. Its president, Jiang Zengwei, said the report will shed light on issues concerning economic governance.

“It’s not only concerned with growth, but also the well-being of people around the world. I am confident that the report will be welcomed by all members and become the reference for policy-making,” Jiang said.

The business circle’s policy recommendation has 20 items, such as building high-quality infrastructure, funding small businesses, and developing a digital economy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will address the meeting, which a number of political leaders will attend.