Lola the Illustrator: One girl leaving a big mark

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Lola GlassEight-year-old Lola Glass is changing the street mural art scene one mark at a time.

Wielding a spray can is second nature to street artist Lola Glass – known to her fans as “Lola the Illustrator”.

“We were visiting the Bushwick Collective with a friend of mine, who’s a graphic designer, and he had a spray marker that he gave to her,” explained Lola’s mom, Cecile Depraetere. “So, we went, we walked around and we saw all the paintings and she was dying to paint something.”

Lola the Illustrator: One girl leaving a big mark

At the age of eight, street artist Lola Glass is transforming the male-dominated scene.

Lola’s created three larger-than-life murals and has earned two invitations to the Bushwick Collective Block Party. It’s an annual event that draws street artists from around the world.

And while Lola is one of only a few females practicing this art form in a male-dominated scene, what sets her apart is her age: Lola is eight. This newly discovered painter has a bit of advice for other budding artists.

“You should just start off with your style and what you like to do and then, as you get bigger, then you can look at what other artists paint and then you can mix that up with your style,” Glass said.

Full Frame caught up with this young artist in New York City to learn how this little girl is making a big name for herself and gaining respect in the eddy world of street art.