Pres. Xi addresses economic growth of China

G20 Summit

At G20 Pres. Xi addresses economic growth of China

Business leaders from the world’s top economies gathered on Saturday afternoon to discuss economic recovery.

Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the B20 Summit, held a day before the G20 leaders’ meeting in Hangzhou. CCTV’s Wu Haojun reports.

Drawing from China’s own experience in lifting its economy President Xi Jinping addressed leaders in the world of business and politics at a gathering a day before the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

Xi told participants at the B20 meeting China’s development path has become greener and more effective.

“In our 13th five-year plan, we advocated development that’s innovative, coordinated, open, green, and based on sharing.

Xi said China’s 13th five-year plan marks a new beginning for growth and reforms.

He stressed that despite a recent slowdown, the Chinese economy is still capable of achieving medium to high-speed growth.

“We would deepen reform efforts and keep opening up our economy. We would not change our course or slow down.”

The speech focused on various issues concerning trade, investment, and industrial upgrade.

It laid out prospects for the future of economic growth that some in the audience found encouraging.

“We should strengthen coordination in macro-economic policies, reduce negative impacts and resolve the imbalance in systems and differences in standards. We should also increase investment in infrastructure to ensure all parties could be beneficiaries of global growth.”

China is also ready to take due responsibility in poverty alleviation, as inclusiveness is a theme of this year’s summit. It could also be the source of huge demand for sustainable development.