Hangzhou raises security to highest level for G20

G20 Summit

Hangzhou raises security to highest level for G20

The G20 Summit is set to open in Hangzhou. The security in the Chinese city has been raised to the highest level to insure safety.

CCTV’s Lin Nan reports.

With the G20 Summit set to begin Sunday, the city of Hangzhou has upgraded the security details to the highest level, which is a common practice when it comes to high-profile international events.

More than 150 checkpoints have been set up around the city. Certain areas are closed entirely and traffic has been re-routed until the event ends. But locals and tourists seem to understand such measures are necessary for such a high-level gathering.

Some local police are wearing panda costumes to remind people about security details and give them something to smile about while waiting in security lines.

Everything will return to normal after the G20 Summit ends. And all the closed areas will be open for locals and tourists.