More Americans moving to Mexico after retirement

World Today

As more and more baby boomers retire, many Americans are heading across the border to Mexico to spend the sunset of their lives.

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Growing up in Chicago, Susan Curra never dreamed she would live in Mexico. Now she couldn’t see herself living anywhere else.

“We actually read an article in the Chicago Tribune talking about retiring in Mexico on 10 dollars a day, which of course is impossible, but we were intrigued. So we came to Mexico and we absolutely loved the country, the culture, the vitality, the ambience? the weather. It’s cheaper to live here,” Curra said.

It’s not hard to see why she and others have moved here. The U.S. dollar is worth more than 19 times the Mexican peso – making this country a bargain.

“A retiree comes to Mexico to spend less then what they would in the United States. A place with better weather and better services with their pension of 40 to 50-thousand dollars in the U.S., they could not live there with the same quality of life as they could in Mexico.” Representative of Mexican Association of Retirement, Carlos Sandoval said.

While this year Mexico was named by International Living magazine as the third best place to retire.

The central Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende is an example of a thriving community of foreign retirees. Almost 9 percent of the people living here are from abroad.