Netherlands hosts the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine

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In Netherlands, some of the finest chefs in the world are cooking up a storm in the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine. 

Staged for the first time outside Asia, the Chinese cooking competition has been held every four years since 1992 and has come to epitomize the very best in China’s distinctive culinary traditions.

CCTV’s Richard Bestic reports.

Netherlands hosts the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine

At this level, cooking becomes as an art form, with attention to details of a world removed from the day-to-day activities in an average household kitchen.

Having been staged for nearly a quarter of a century, the Chinese food world championship now first showed up in Europe.

With chefs from all over the world, its world standard cooking can be viewed through the prism of intense competition.

However, the extraordinary air of calm might be surprising, considering the chef’s will be confined in this small space some of the world’s top Chinese cooking chefs competing against each other, going toe to toe for innovation, competition, taste, and of course presentation.

Every dish is extraordinarily precise, with treasured ingredients well manipulated and molded.

So, in reality it is hard to say that one team is better than another, when it’s apparent to the untrained eye that they’re all outstanding.