UNSC calls for global measures against terror threats on aviation

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During the time of reflection at the UN Security Council, world leaders looked back on some of the worst attacks on the aviation industry in recent memory to galvanize a strong international response.

CCTV America’s Liling Tan reports. Follow Liling Tan on Twitter @LilingTan

In June this year, gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, just three months after assaults on Belgium transportation hubs.

The first ever UN Security Council resolution on aviation security calls on nations to work with the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization to update security standards and adapt measures to the evolving terrorist threat.

This requires countries to update and implement measures at their own airports, and address any perceived gaps in security.

It also urges tighter screening procedures and airport checks, and better sharing of information on possible threats and techniques for detecting explosives.

Captain Mark Weiss on the global aviation market

To further discuss the Chinese aviation sectors and global aviation market, CCTV America’s Jessica Stone spoke with Captain Mark Weiss, director of international operations, Reagan AeroTech.