Game on: Clinton, Trump face-off in first presidential debate

World Today

After the debate, each side of the presidential candidates declared victory. Clinton appeared confident back on campaign trail.

CCTV America’s Jessica Stone reports.

Just two scientific polls were taken after the debate. Both showed Clinton as the clear winner.

Clinton was determined to keep Trump off balance on Monday, pressing him on his records as did the moderator.

Indeed, the record does show Trump publicly supporting the Iraq war in a 2002 radio interview, but Trump’s supporters wouldn’t back down. 

On global trade, it was Trump who had Clinton a little off balance. He accused her of supporting the North American Free Trade Agreement, calling it the worst trade deal in U.S. history.

He attacked her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade agreement, a position she later reversed.

The deal, which Clinton helped negotiate, links 12 Pacific economies, except for China.

The pair bashed each other over how to defeat terror group, ISIL, also known as ISIS. She has published a 9,000 word plan online. He’s keeping his a secret.

And Clinton reassured Washington’s NATO allies. Trump has repeatedly threatened to deny financial support for NATO, if they don’t pay more, a position that could cost the U.S. more than just money.

In the end, Clinton’s supporters said she walked away with it, reassuring voters that she’s ready to lead the country.