Chinese art from Guizhou province exhibits in Mexico City

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Wang Guanjun, The tour of teenagerWang Guanjun, The tour of teenager / Ink and color on paper, 146 x 95 cm. (57.5 x 37.4 in.)

Chinese art from Guizhou province in southwest China is on display at Mexico City’s San Ildefonso museum. Artists hope this will bridge the cultural gap between the two countries.

CCTV America’s Martin Markovits reports.

In an example of the growing cultural ties between China and Mexico, the San Ildefonso museum is holding the biggest exhibition of Chinese art in Mexico City.

Called “Masterpieces,” the exhibit contains works from National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and features more than 151 folk art pieces, including masks, sculptures and paintings.

Renowned Chinese sculptor Wu Weishan and director of NAMOC was on hand at the launch of the exhibit.

“Our exhibitions main mission is to have a cultural exchange. In 2014, we celebrated art of the great Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera in the National Art Museum of China. Next year, we will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the launch of diplomatic ties between Mexico and China.”

Wu Weishan, The Sound of the Empty Valley

Wu Weishan, The Sound of the Empty Valley – Lao-Tzu Walked Away from the Pass, bronze, 93 x 33 x 74 cm, 2012

Museum coordinator Ernesto Bejarano said the exhibition showcases art from both countries that complement each other.

“The exposition is important, because as the public can notice there are huge similarities between Mexico and China,” Bejarano said. “Let’s not forget that most of Asian trade traveled to America and that’s when these two cultures began to assimilate.”

The exhibition is a highlight of the 2016 Year of China-Latin America Cultural Exchange. But art lovers will not have that much time to see it. The exhibit is open to the public until February 19th, 2017.