Mehera Blum: Fabric of love

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Mehera BlumHandbag maker, Mehera Blum, pays tribute to her late mother’s artwork.

Mehera Blum’s career had been carved out as a professional and successful actress. But in 2005 she was struck with a life-threatening disease.

While healing, Blum started creating handbags as a hobby, which quickly turned into a successful business, called Blumera.

“I really seek to create something beautiful and from my heart and really authentic and with value and substance,” Blum said.

Mehera Blum: Fabric of love

Handbag maker, Mehera Blum , pays tribute to her late mother’s artwork

Some of her first clients were celebrities like Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba.

In 2015 Blum’s mother, Laurie, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Before she passed, the mother and daughter began a collaboration to incorporate her mom’s paintings into Blum’s handbags – creating a lasting connection that pays tribute to Blum’s mother and the life lessons she instilled in her daughter.

“I was taking care of her for the past three years of her life,” Blum explained. “That was an incredible experience. Incredibly painful and scary but then also really rewarding and beautiful and filled me with so much love. And I’m eternally grateful for that.”

Blum is currently working on a television show documenting her travels around the globe as she creates her one-of-a-kind, hand-sculpted pieces.

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