New startup turns cars into moving billboards

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New startup turns cars into moving billboards

The sharing economy has produced some revolutionary transportation companies like Uber, Lyft and Didi Chuxing.

Now a new company is taking advantage of the ability to track vehicles by turning them into moving billboards and generating some cash for the owners.

CCTV America’S Mark Niu has the details.

Ozzie Zamora works as a quality assurance engineer in Silicon Valley. With a newborn daughter increasing costs at home, he’s more than happy to have his car wrapped as an advertisement, then drive around and watch the Wrapify app calculate his earnings.

Within a year’s time, 35,000 drivers have already signed up for Wrapify. About 10 percent are ridesharing drivers while the other 90 percent are just ordinary people heading to work.

At its headquarters in San Diego, California, the startup Wrapify rolls out its latest campaign.

The company works with 400 certified car-wrapping installers across the country. But it’s mobile technology and data collection that fuels this market.

Wrapify is out to convince advertisers that their car adverts are more visible than using a fixed billboard. The company can track everything from the traffic to the type of road and time of day-all factors that help measure how many people see the advertising.

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