Alebrijes: Mexico City’s custom parade showcases traditional folk art

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Alebrijes: Mexico City's custom parade showcases traditional folk art

In Mexico City, an annual tradition this time of year includes a parade that pays homage to Mexican folk art sculptures depicting fantastical creatures.

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Straight from the imagination of Mexican creators, a team has created giant figures called “Alebrijes,” (Ale-bree-hehs) and each year they take over the main boulevard during a parade here in the Mexican capital.

The fantasy figures are designed for the purpose of surprising audiences. Their bright colors and unusual shapes are inspired from mythical monsters on every continent, including Africa and Asia.

Now, an October tradition, the folk art parade takes place just before Mexico’s well-known Day of the Dead celebrations. Sometimes, they include references to politicians running for high office.

Every year, thousands of people come out, mostly children and their parents, who line the 5.5 kilometer parade route for a look.