US presidential candidates criticize Chinese trade policies

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US presidential candidates criticize Chinese trade policies

Trade policy with China is one of the few issues that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree on, since both accuse Beijing of currency manipulation.

CCTV America’s Jessica Stone reports the story.

If elected U.S. president Trump said his administration would make this official and label China a “currency manipulator.”

Clinton’s rhetoric is softer, but she said the renminbi’s value is too low.

Both candidates said they’ll file more trade cases against China. Clinton said she wants to appoint a White House “trade prosecutor” and triple the number of trade enforcers overall.

Clinton opposes granting China “market economy” status at the World Trade Organization. Trump doesn’t think China should even be a member of the WTO.

On his website, Trump said the US has lost 50,000 manufacturing jobs – since China joined the WTO.

Finally, Trump said he won’t ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. He said the deal is designed to let China take advantage of its trading partners. Trouble is, China isn’t part of the agreement.

Clinton said she doesn’t support TPP, as worded. She was a big part of its negotiation when she served as U.S. Secretary of State.

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