Soda companies change methods as consumers change preferences

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Soda consumption in the United States has declined considerably over recent years, prompting major brands to find new ways to try and entice customers back.

With consumers increasingly favoring healthier products, Pepsico has announced plans to cut calories in many of its drinks. Coca-Cola plans similar changes.

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In the U.S., sales of full-calorie sodas have fallen more than 25 percent in the last 20 years. With consumers becoming more health conscious, Pepsico has announced that by 2025 two-thirds of its drinks will have 100 calories or fewer per 12-ounce serving.

This comes just weeks after the U.N.’s health agency proposed government taxes on sugary drinks to combat global obesity issues.

Coca-Cola has announced it plans to cut back on sugar in its products too. But faced with falling consumer demand soda giants are also looking to diversify.

But with these companies still so reliant on their flagship brands they hope a cut in calories can help curb a cut in demand.

Marion Nestle discusses the soda industry and public health

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