Videos games industry attracting more Hollywood talent

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Hollywood. Home of movies. And another big industry ripe for takeover.

CCTV America’s Phil Lavelle reports the story.

Nobody really uses big screens anymore, and video games have moved on so much in recent years. But that’s the point here.

Because, video games are so highly produced these days. In some cases, they have a bigger cast and make more money than a movie. So you can see why some actors are perfectly happy to swap one fake reality for another.

“There are a lot of studios like Sony and WB that are casting more on camera actors for video games because that’s the performance needed for that kind of scene.. they’re real scenes. It’s not just Mario going ‘boing boing boing’ anymore, it’s raw emotion and raw stories,” said actor Orion Acaba.

Charles Dance in The Witcher 3. Gary Oldman in Call of Duty. Liam Neeson in Fallout 3. Big games need big names.

There is now a tension over how much actors in games get paid. Their biggest union launched a strike last week over that very issue.

This is a market worth more than a $100 billion a year – and growing. For actors, ultimately, they’re just doing what they do best.

Scott Schober on Hollywood and the gaming industry

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