Clinton, Trump clash over Iran nuclear deal

Global Business

Among the issues Trump has criticized Obama and Clinton about has been the recent nuclear deal with Iran. He’s repeatedly said the agreement was a disaster and vowed to scrap it if he wins the Presidency.

That may set back the advances Iran has made in reintegrating itself into the global community.

CCTV America’s Ahmad Coo takes a look at how far it’s gone since the agreement.

Contrary to Tehran’s complaints over Washington’s failure to lift certain sanctions Iran’s economy has gotten already a boost since the nuclear deal was implemented in January of this year.

U.S. government data shows Iran has received $3.4 billion in foreign investment since January.

Its oil production has 3.5 billion barrels a day and exports have more than doubled after the lifting of some sanctions.

The country’s banking system has been reconnected to the system global electronic transactions which makes it easier for Iranian and foreign companies to do business.

Most U.S. businesses are still banned from dealing with Iran, except for commercial airliners, food and medicine and medical devices.

Trita Parsi on Iran and the US election

There’s been much debate about Iran during the U.S. Presidential election,but what will the relations between Iran and the U.S. look like when the new president is inaugurated? CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Trita Parsi, president and founder of the National Iranian American Council to learn more.