Election Night 2016 Live Blog

Election 2016

CCTV America’s Ahmad Coo is keeping us up to date this election night with all the latest news, tidbits of interest, and happenings from around the web.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20162:16 am

This election is going into overtime and while Trump is just six electoral votes away from securing a victory, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta has said she is not conceding. So it may be another few hours before the dust settles. In the meantime, thanks for reading this live blog.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20162:05 am

Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta telling supporters to go home. Clinton will not speak tonight.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20161:39 am

AP: Trump’s electoral vote tally hits 264. Six votes away from a stunning upset.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20161:24 am

Per nine news Australia: $26 billion dollars wiped off market value as Trump nears victory

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20161:20 am

Some Clinton supporters are fearing what a Trump presidency may mean for the country. CCTV’s Lisa Chiu spoke to one of them.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 20161:07 am

Ever wonder how much a Trump victory would cost the global markets? Let’s take a look at Japan’s stock market for a hint:

(Source: CNBC)

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:53 am

And here’s a look at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s twitter feed. The group advocates for immigrant, labor and voting rights. Sentiments are getting ugly:

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:47 am

The more extreme elements of this U.S. election cycle are already celebrating a Trump victory. Here’s white supremacist David Duke’s Twitter feed:

Joshua Barlow November 9, 201612:41 am

CCTV America’s Owen Fairclough is near the White House where supporters of both parties are anticipating tonight’s results.

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:24 am

Hillary Clinton supporters are in shock as Donald Trump moves closer to victory. Here’s CCTV’s Lisa Chiu to gauge voter sentiments:

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:15 am

As stress levels ratchet up across the U.S. over the presidential vote, it’s important to remember this classic election message from The Simpsons:

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:08 am

Canada’s immigration website has crashed and is currently still unavailable.

Business Insider reports that the top story on their website is “How to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen.
Here’s a snapshot of the Canadian immigration website (as of 11pm EST):

Source: Canadian immigration website

Ahmad Coo November 9, 201612:01 am

Here’s a Facebook post from CCTV Producer Yolanda Massey who’s near the White House:

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:56 pm

Here are some headlines flashing across the web this hour:

(Source: Financial Times)

(Source:Wall Street Journal)

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:39 pm

Asian markets are continuing their downward spiral as Trump builds up his lead in the U.S. presidential vote. Here’s a snapshot from CNBC (as of 11:38 Beijing time)


Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:34 pm

AP: Hillary Clinton wins U.S. state of Washington; Trump has Georgia

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:34 pm

U.S. stock market futures getting slammed. CNBC reports that investors are moving into U.S. bonds. As the market falls, investors go to safe haven investments such as U.S. treasuries and gold.

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:30 pm

And here’s a look at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed:

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:28 pm

Here’s a look at Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account as the race for the White House tightens:

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:18 pm

As per AP: Trump has secured Ohio

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:13 pm

AP: Donald Trump wins battleground state of North Carolina

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:07 pm

AP: Oregon goes to Clinton

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201611:02 pm

AP: Donald Trump wins Idaho; Hillary wins California and Hawaii

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:54 pm

AP: Donald Trump wins another key battleground state in Florida

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:44 pm

AP: Hillary Clinton wins Colorado

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:37 pm

AP: Donald Trump wins key battleground state of Ohio

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:32 pm

AP: Donald Trump has won Missouri

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:31 pm

A week ago the New York Times had forecast a Hillary Clinton victory at 82%. Currently it’s at: (as of 9:30pm EST)

(Source:New York Times)

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:23 pm

AP: Hillary wins New Mexico

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:20 pm

With the election too close to call, the U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus told AP that “the world’s most important relationship” between Beijing and Washington will remain stable regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential vote.

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:10 pm

The jitters are real. The index that forecasts how the benchmark Dow Jones may open tomorrow is tanking. CNBC reports it’s fallen more than 2%, a considerable drop on any given day.

Ahmad Coo November 8, 201610:02 pm

AP: Trump wins Montana

Ahmad Coo November 8, 20169:41 pm

AP: Donald Trump wins Louisiana

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:34 pm

AP: Clinton now has 104 electoral votes. Her Republican opponent Donald Trump has 129.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:29 pm

AP: Hillary Clinton wins Connecticut

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:26 pm

And up and down and up and down we go. The AP says early optimism in stock markets in Asia has faded as reports show Donald Trump taking an early lead.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:19 pm

Global currency traders aren’t feeling so confident about a Clinton victory anymore. Latest news out of Bloomberg shows the Mexican peso has fallen more than 3%. The peso usually weakens if there are any indications that Trump is gaining momentum in the elections. Trump has repeatedly said he will renegotiate U.S. trade deals including Mexico’s.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:15 pm

AP: Arkansas goes to Donald Trump

ahmadcoo November 8, 20169:00 pm

AP: Hillary Clinton has won Illinois and New York. Donald Trump has Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:55 pm

AP: Donald Trump has won Mississippi

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:51 pm

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is getting some love from down under. According to an AP report, the Australian Minister for Defense Industry Chris Pyne says Clinton is better on free trade and U.S. engagement in the Asia-Pacific region than Donald Trump

Mike Heffron, Canberra chairman of Democrats Abroad, sets up a Hillary Clinton cardboard cutout in an Irish Pub on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in Canberra, Australia (AP Photo/Rod McGuirk)

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:45 pm

AP: Hillary Clinton secures Rhode Island

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:31 pm

AP: Donald Trump has won Alabama

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:31 pm

AP: Asian markets are opening higher. Analysts there say they’re convinced Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump. Clinton is seen as a more stable option who may maintain current policies.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:27 pm

AP: Tammy Duckworth has won Senate seat in U.S. state of Ilinois

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:15 pm

AP: Tennessee goes to Donald Trump

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:12 pm

AP: Donald Trump has secured U.S. state of South Carolina

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:10 pm

AP: Former Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio has been reelected to U.S. Senate

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:05 pm

AP: Democratic Presidential Candidate has won the U.S. states of Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, the District of Columbia. Trump has won Oklahoma

ahmadcoo November 8, 20168:03 pm

Per the New York Times live election website: Urban-rural split emerging. Trump is ahead of Republican candidate Mitt Romney (who ran for President in 2012) in every non-metropolitan county. Clinton is ahead of President Obama’s vote count in metropolitan areas in 2012.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:51 pm

AP: The elections board in the U.S. state of North Carolina is extending voting in several districts in one county. It’s a swing state, so keeping the polls open longer may benefit Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Democrats have a 4-to-1 registration advantage over Republicans.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:33 pm

AP: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has won West Virginia

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:30 pm

AP: Some voting trends from the U.S. states of Virginia and Georgia: 9 in 10 black voters and two-thirds of Hispanics voted for Hillary Clinton. Most whites chose Donald Trump.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:27 pm

Per the AP: Americans who’ve already voted are seemingly evenly divided on benefits of international trade according to exit polling by Edison research. Four out of 10 voters say trade among nations creates jobs.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:21 pm

What are the Presidential candidates doing as they wait for the results? According to a Washington Post report that quoted former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump is in his New York apartment, drinking a diet soda as he watches the returns. Giuliani says they’re all ‘cautiously optimistic’

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:14 pm

Some interesting preliminary exit poll data from the U.S. state of Georgia from the AP: Roughly 5 in 10 voters said the economy was the most important issue facing the country.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20167:04 pm

And the first results are in: 19 electoral votes for Donald Trump, 3 for Hillary Clinton. Trump has won Indiana and Kentucky. Clinton has secured Vermont.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20166:53 pm

Finally, a voter in Washington DC who chose Donald Trump as her next President. CCTV’s Owen Fairclough spoke to her.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20166:13 pm

The first polls have closed in the U.S. states of Kentucky and Indiana

ahmadcoo November 8, 20166:05 pm

The AP is reporting that former President George W. Bush did not vote for Republican party candidate Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. But a spokesperson said he voted for Republicans in congressional and local races.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20165:47 pm

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has repeatedly boasted about his business prowess among other things but some currency traders beg to differ. According to this Bloomberg chart, the U.S. dollar is strengthening and that means they’re expecting Hillary Clinton to win.


ahmadcoo November 8, 20165:35 pm

CCTV’s Owen Fairclough also took a walk around Washington DC to gauge the mood of the city and to see if he could find anyone who voted for Donald Trump.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20165:08 pm

Per the AP: Kenyans in President Barack Obama’s ancestral hometown are also leaning towards their favorite son’s possible successor Hillary Clinton

(AP Photo)

ahmadcoo November 8, 20165:03 pm

The AP is reporting some polling issues across the U.S.

In Texas, computer used by election clerks malfunctioned. Voters were forced to cast their ballot at another polling station two miles away.

One report quoted a New Jersey voter who claimed she had to wait three hours to cast her ballot because there were too few voting machines in Jersey City.
ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:57 pm

Ohio is among the several U.S. states that could play a major role in deciding who the next President will be. CCTV’s Jim Spellman is there.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:49 pm
Mexicans are reportedly ready to celebrate a possible loss by Donald Trump.
There’s a Facebook invite for a celebration at Mexico City’s Angel of Independence statue. The AP says 5,000 people have RSVPed.

Photo credit: Facebook/Festejo En El
Angel De La Independencia Si Trump Pierde Las Elecciones

ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:34 pm

CCTV’s Lisa Chiu is in New York City covering the race. She spoke to an especially dedicated volunteer

ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:23 pm

CCTV’s digital team has been going around the country to talk to some voters. Here are a few conversations with some of them

ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:18 pm

Eric Trump is cut from the same cloth as his father. Here’s Donald keeping an eye out for his wife’s ballot. Via Twitter

ahmadcoo November 8, 20164:06 pm

Donald Trump isn’t changing his tune about accepting the election results. According to the AP quoting a Fox News report, the Republican nominee said: “We’re going to see how things play out. I want to see everything honest.’

ahmadcoo November 8, 20163:59 pm

(Image: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty)
Donald Trump’s son Eric looking at his wife Lara Trump’s ballot as she fills it out.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20163:28 pm

It’s been a long election cycle and as we stumble across the finish line, it’s good to have moments of levity especially with the vitriol coming from both sides. Here’s a look at comic satirist Tom Tomorrow and his take on the race for the White House.

ahmadcoo November 8, 20163:10 pm

Hello from CCTV’s newsroom in Washington DC. We have a little under three hours until the first polls close here in the eastern U.S. We’ll keep you up to date as the results come in throughout the evening.