Somalis positive, hopeful of female presidential candidate

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Somalis positive, hopeful of female presidential candidate

Somalia is heading to presidential elections by the end of the years. It’s a voting process that’s receiving global attention. Among the candidates is 44-year-old Fadumo Dayib. She’s hoping to become Somalia’s first ever female President.

CCTV’s Abdulaziz Billow sat down exclusively with Dayib, and also found out what ordinary Somalis think of a woman as president.

Somalia is set to pick a president by end of the year, the public among them. The incumbent president and his prime minister are seeking the top office. 44-year-old Fadumo Dayib is hoping to become Somalia’s next president. She’s back in Somalia 26 years after fleeing the deadly civil war.

She said she’s now back to end killing and corruption and help lead Somalia towards prosperity and stability but how does the normal citizen see her candidacy.

In a patriarchal social system, Dayib sees women as the only hope for the country. Sentiments shared among many other women in Somalia

“She can be the president. Then there will be justice and equality. More women empowerment is what we need – our time is now and we should take our posts,” Ikran Abdi Ahmed from Benadir University said.

Fowzia Ahmed, in 2013 became the first woman to be appointed Deputy Prime Minister and FA Minister that the highest position ever held by a woman in Somalia.

It’s on this basis that Dayib thought a woman can make a difference in a country marred by frequent political haggling, clan fighting and Al-Shabaab militancy.

Fadumo Dayib talks about educated women seeking the highest job in the East African nation

CCTV America’s Abdulaziz Billow spoke with Fadumo Dayib, Somalia Presidential Candidate about what a presidency under her would be like and how she hopes to relate her story that of a refugee turned human rights activist and now an educated woman seeking the highest job in the East African nation.