Samuel Hung: Discovering hidden happiness

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Samuel HungArtist Samuel Hung creates happiness out of so-called “trivial” objects.

Often after a disaster strikes, finding happiness can be difficult.

But Taiwanese-born and New York-based artist, Samuel Hung, has a way of creating happiness through his paintings of what others may call “trivial”.

He finds the hidden beauty in objects like rubber duckies or Kewpie dolls.

“I gravitate towards things that are old and familiar,” explained Hung. “[There] seems to be a story behind the objects when they’re a little more worn. I would collect it and start digging up more history about it and they eventually become subjects in my paintings.”

Samuel Hung: Discovering hidden happiness

Artist Samuel Hung creates happiness out of so-called “trivial” objects.

His collection ranges from toys he played with as a child to trinkets he gathers at flea markets. Tossed aside as junk and easily forgotten, Hung brings these trinkets back to life by painting them.

“The biggest things in childhood are playing and toys and people connect with that,” Hung said. “It reminds them of a certain specific time in the past and usually it is a nice warm feeling. That’s, I guess, my goal is to create something that’s warm and people would sense that in the painting.”

His paintings not only look life-like but they also have a unique beauty. His subjects may not be “traditionally” beautiful, but his paintings have attracted the attention of exhibit-goers all across the United States and Asia.

In this week’s Full Frame Close Up, we caught up with Samuel Hung to see his playful and intriguing artwork.

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