9 injured by axe attack in NW China

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Hanzhong, China.Hanzhong, China.

Nine people, including seven students, were injured in an axe attack in Hanzhong city of northwest China’s Shaanxi Province Friday.

Police caught the suspect, Lei Mingyue, 58, after he allegedly attacked the students, five first-graders and two third-graders, with an axe at around 11:40 a.m. at an after-school care center in Hantai District of Hanzhong City, said a police officer with the the Hanzhong City Public Security Bureau.

The students, all from Beiguan Primary School, were waiting in line for lunch when the attack happened, said the police officer.

Two passersby were reportedly injured when Lei was running away.

All the injured are receiving treatment in hospitals.

Lei, a local, told the police he carried out the attack as “revenge on society” following two previous arrests in Beijing and Shaanxi for theft.

Details behind the attack are still being investigated.

Story by Xinhua News.