Starting Block: Mined vs. lab-grown diamonds

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Unmined diamonds

Cultivated, lab-grown, man-made. These are just some of the ways to describe unmined diamonds those not naturally found in the earth.

And startups are leading the way in disrupting the industry. While some diamond traders uphold proper business practices, in other cases, miners can get trapped in exploitative relationships and violence with local militias. 

The Kimberly Process was supposed to stop conflict diamonds from getting into global markets.

But in countries like the Central African Republic, the World Bank estimates 50 percent of conflict diamonds are still being smuggled out.

From ethical concerns to affordability and sustainability, how much do you care about where your diamonds come from? With holiday shopping in full swing, CCTV took to the streets to find out.

CEO and Founder of startup the Diamond Foundry, Martin Roscheisen is disrupting the diamond industry and getting the attention of Hollywood, Silicon Valley and high-end retailers.
CCTV’s Mark Niu began by asking Roscheisen about the unique technology behind his diamonds.